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Little Gems for Piano
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These “Little Gems” were written in order to provide stimulating and exciting beginning music that is easy to learn. They are sure to intrigue any beginner with the use of colorful sonorities, impressive repeated patterns, and a variety of registers. Countless students have thoroughly enjoyed learning these innovative and captivating pieces. Students can easily learn the pieces by rote or use traditional reading skills, they can listen to the online audio files and try to strengthen their ear, or they can study them through the online video tutorials. Click here for exciting reviews from,, and

The books can be purchased for $16.95 by clicking on the Paypal Add to Cart button above. Shipping costs are $2.99 ($9.99 international.) for one, $3.99 ($12.99 international) for two, and $7.99 ($34.99 international) for bundles. If you would like to order in bulk for your studio, there is a price reduction if you order in increments of 5 for $65. These books work best when each student owns a copy. Throughout the week they are able to consult the score, listen to the audio files, and review the instructional video for their assigned piece.

Primer Level- Absolute Beginner

Sample tracks from the new Primer Level:
Moon Dust -teaches non-legato
Sample page of Moon Dust
Zero Gravity- Duet- teaches 2 note slurs
Sample page of Zero Gravity
Spanish Folk Dance- Duet- teaches staccato
Sample page of Spanish Folk Dance
Good Night, Rain -teaches Perfect 5ths
Sample page of Good Night, Rain

Advanced Primer- Recital and Rote Pieces that Inspire Creativity

Volume 1- Late Beginner

Watch Paula’s sweet student play pieces from Volume 1:

Sample tracks and sample pages from the 27 pieces in Volume 1 (beginner):

Students will be amazed and thrilled they are able to play these at any point in the first year of lessons.
Dream Waves
Sample page of Dream Waves
Mystery Guest
Sample page of Mystery Guest
Stomping Grounds
Sample page of Stomping Grounds
Sample page of Stars
Carnival Celebration
Sample page of Carnival Celebration
Sample page of Falling Stars
Sample page of Retreat

Volume 2- Early Intermediate

Sample tracks and pages from the 28 pieces in Volume 2 (early intermediate), many of which are accessible after one or two years of lessons:
Nights of Spain
Sample page of Nights of Spain
Sample page of Circles
Sample page of Guitar
Homage to Ravel
Sample page of Homage to Ravel
Sample page of Solidago

Under a Flamenco Sky- 3 Movement Early Advanced Suite

Here’s what people are saying:

Voted The Best Piano Music for Young Pianists on “By far the best memorization pieces I have found for young pianists. The notes are simple, but the melodies are engaging and sound “fancy” enough that any child would be happy to play them for family and friends. They are so nicely composed that you won’t hate them after hearing them over and over. “ MaryAnne Kochenderfer- founder of Mama Smiles- Joyful Parenting

“Paula Dreyer’s piano pieces are imaginative and captivating, engaging the students in the sounds of the piano and what these sounds can convey. The design of the early pieces lends itself to encouraging the growth of a natural, fluid technique. This is a terrific combination!” Mary Moran, co-founder of Taubman’s Golandsky Institute

Children and adults will enjoy exploring a variety of sounds through pentatonic, whole tone, and minor modes. Many of the pieces also serve as a vehicle for teaching composition and improvisation. Dr. Julie Knerr- coauthor of Piano Safari

Background Story on “Little Gems”:
In 2005, Paula was in contract with FJH Music Company. They held the books for three years, and then fired the editor and decided to let go of the project. If you are concerned about the quality of this self-published book, fear not! The music is exactly the same is it would have been under FJH, but the art work is much more creative!

CD – Music for Cello and Piano

Paula also has a CD available with bay area cellist Kelley Maulbetsch. It is a beautiful recording with works by Mendelssohn, Debussy, Faure, Brahms, and Rachmaninoff. Tracks from this recording have been choreographed for the prestigious Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival.
Here are a few samples from our CD:
Debussy 1.mp3
Debussy 2.mp3

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CD – Flamenco Cat

Paula collaborated with composer Chus Alonso , who has developed a contemporary flamenco sound that uses the piano, as well as other non-traditional instruments in his group “Potaje”.
Take a listen:

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